Food Hygiene / Food Safety

CIEH Levels 1-4 in Food Safety

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First Aid

1 and 3 day courses & refresher training

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety and Manual Handling courses                                              Read more

Fire Safety

Formal & bespoke Fire Safety courses

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Clothing for Caterers

Catalogues are available to regular customers but if you do have an enquiry about any items just contact us and we will promptly send you pictures and/or descriptions via email..…contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A530 Bib Apron Blue/White Butchers Stripe - 28-38" £5.99
A535 Bib Apron Blue/White Butchers Stripe with Pocket - 28-38" £6.99
A521 Bib Apron Polycotton White - 28x38" £4.29
A522 Bib Apron White with Eyelets Polycotton Extra Large - 36-42" £5.99
CB254 Blue Vinyl Gloves - Box of 100 £2.99
A207 Chef's Easycare Hat £2.99
A161 Chef's Skullcap - Big Black and White Check £2.99
A206 Chef's Skull Cap - Black Polycotton £2.99
A706 Chef's Skull Cap - Royal Blue Polycotton £2.99
A203 Chef's Skull Cap - White Polycotton £2.99
A164 Chef's Skullcap - Big Blue and White Check £2.99
A047 Chef's Skullcap - Red £2.99
A856 Cut Resistant Glove - Performance Shield £21.99
A305 Disposable Aprons Blue (Bag 100) £10.99
A310 Disposable Aprons White (Bag 100) £10.99
U602 Disposable Gloves - blue £1.20
U601 Disposable Gloves - clear £1.20
A025 Easyfit Pants Small Blue Check Polycotton Unisex £15.99
A577 Executive Chefs Tapered Apron Black £9.99
A576 Executive Chefs Tapered Apron White £9.99
Y215 Glove Box Dispenser £5.99
A291 Hair Net Light Blue (Ring 50) £8.99
F953 Household Glove - Blue £0.59
CD794 Household Glove - Pink £0.59
CD793 Household Glove - Yellow £0.59
A216 Hygiene Hat White Polycotton - One Size £2.99
A371 Le Mans Chefs Jacket Long Sleeve Polycotton £13.99
B226 Net Peaked Hat White - One Size £1.99
A098 Orlando Chefs Tunic - White £15.99
B255 Peaked Hat White - One Size £1.99
A357 Porters Jacket Royal Blue £12.99
A358 Porters Trousers Royal Blue £9.99
A967 Skull Cap - Black Butcher's Stripe £2.99
A160 Small Black Check Chefs Skullcap £2.99
A978 Total Vent Beanie Hat Black £4.99
A977 Total Vent Beanie Hat White £4.99
B053 Total Vent Womens Beanie Hat Black £4.99
B052 Total Vent Womens Beanie Hat White £4.99
A580 Waterproof Apron Blue/White Stripe £6.99
A581 Waterproof Apron Red/White Stripe £6.99