Food Hygiene / Food Safety

CIEH Levels 1-4 in Food Safety

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First Aid

1 and 3 day courses & refresher training

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety and Manual Handling courses                                              Read more

Fire Safety

Formal & bespoke Fire Safety courses

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Catering - Signs

Catalogues are available to regular customers but if you do have an enquiry about any items just contact us and we will promptly send you pictures and/or descriptions via email..…contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

L967 1995 Food Act Cook Chill Guidelines Sign £3.39
L838 Chiller Display Temp Sign (Self-Adhesive) £1.69
L836 Do Not Store Raw/Cooked Sign (Self-Adhesive) £1.69
L835 Door Must Be Kept Closed Sign (Self-Adhesive) £1.69
L846 Food Prep Area Raw Food Only (Self-Adhesive) £2.79
L840 Food Prep Area Sign (Self-Adhesive) £2.79
L082 Food Preparation & Storage Poster £17.99
L951 Food Safety Act 1995 Guidance Sign £4.69
L839 Freezer Temp Sign (Self-Adhesive) £1.69
L081 Kitchen Hygiene For Caterers Poster £17.99
L834 Raw Meat Store Below Sign (Self-Adhesive) £1.89
L842 Salad Sign (Self-Adhesive) £2.79
L847 Sink For Food Equipment Only Sign £2.79
L843 Sink For Pot Wash Only Sign (Self-Adhesive) £2.79