Food Hygiene / Food Safety

CIEH Levels 1-4 in Food Safety

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First Aid

1 and 3 day courses & refresher training

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety and Manual Handling courses                                              Read more

Fire Safety

Formal & bespoke Fire Safety courses

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Catering - Thermometres

Catalogues are available to regular customers but if you do have an enquiry about any items just contact us and we will promptly send you pictures and/or descriptions via email..…contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

F339 ETI 2001 Digital Thermometer.   £70.99
CB010 ETI CaterTemp Plus Digital Waterproof Thermometer   £119.99
C462 ETI Eco Temp Thermometer   £24.99
CF964 ETI Food Check Thermometer   £69.99
E090 ETI Infra-Red Thermometer   £59.99
U711 ETI RayTemp 8 Infrared Combo Thermometer Kit   £99.99
CF965 ETI Therma 20 Professional Catering Kit   £109.99
CF996 ETI Therma 20 Thermistor Thermometer   £65.99
F277 ETI Waterproof Thermometer 1.0 degree Increments    £79.99
F346 Hygiplas 32mm Dial Thermometer -10 to 100c   £3.99
J226 Hygiplas Dial Freezer Thermometer   £1.99
F343 Hygiplas Digital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer   £8.99
F306 Hygiplas Digital Thermometer T-Shape   £12.99
J210 Hygiplas Fridge/Freezer Thermometer   £2.99
J211 Hygiplas Hanging Fridge/Freezer Thermometer   £2.99
J229 Hygiplas Insertion Thermometer   £12.99
F338 Hygiplas Multi - Purpose Stem Thermometer   £12.99
E425 Hygiplas Pocket Thermometer   £3.99
J236 Hygiplas Probe Wipes (6 x 200 wipes)   £15.99