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CIEH Levels 1-4 in Food Safety

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First Aid

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Q4609 Superdry Mat 0.6 x 0.9m £73.10
Q4610 Superdry Mat 0.85 x 1.5m £181.50
Q4611 Superdry Mat 1.15 x 1.75m £276.50
Q4603 Entra Plush Mat Red 0.6 x 0.9m £30.50
Q4604 Entra Plush Mat Blue 0.9 x 1.5m £56.00
Q4605 Entra Plush Mat Grey 1.2 x 1.8m £85.25
Q4512 Ribbed Carpet Mat - Charcoal (0.6m x 0.9m) Tough Rib Charcoal 0.6m x 0.9m £33.50
Q4513 Ribbed Carpet Mat - Charcoal (0.9m x 1.5m) Tough Rib Charcoal 0.9m x 1.5m £65.50
Q4514 Ribbed Carpet Mat - Charcoal (1.2m x 1.8m) Tough Rib Charcoal 1.2m x 1.8m £98.50
Q4612 Fingertip Mat 0.6 x 0.8m £40.75
Q4613 Fingertip Mat 0.8x1m £68.50
Q4614 Fingertip Mat 0.9x1.8m £120.25
Q4606 Logo Mat 0.6x0.85m £149.95
Q4607 Logo Mat 0.85x1.2m £270.00
Q4608 Logo Mat 0.85 x 1.5m £335.00
Q4531 Workstation 0.6m x 1.2m  Workstation 2222 0.6m x 1.2m £111.95
Q4532 Workstation 1.0m x 1.5m  Workstation 2222 1.0m x 1.5m £199.95
Q4533 Workstation 1.2m x 1.8m  Workstation 2222 1.2m x 1.8m £279.95
S3098 Caution Wet Floor" A-Board" £8.45
S3132 Caution Trip Hazard a Board £14.95
S3133 Caution Cleaning In Progress 'A' Board £14.95
S3134 Danger Slippery Surface 'A' Board £14.95
S3135 Caution A Board £14.95
S3136 Caution Work In Progress 'A' Board £14.95
S3137 Danger Hazardous 'A' Board £14.95
TRA0004 One Piece Sand Weighted 45cm £6.95
TRA0005 One Piece Sand Weighted 75cm £13.75
Q4528 Orthomat Char/Yel 0.6m x 0.9m £30.80
Q4529 Orthomat Charc/Yel 0.9m x 1.5m £65.25
Q4530 Orthomat Charc/Yel 0.9m x 18.3m £645.00
S3097 Floor Cleaning" Floor Cone" £10.95
S3096 Slippery Surface" Floor Cone" £10.95
TRA0006 No Waiting Cone £14.50
Q4520 PVC Floor Tape - Black and Yellow (Coba Tape Black/Yellow 50mm x 33m) £4.95
Q4587 PVC Floor Tape - Red and White (5cm x 33m) £4.95
Q4520YL Yellow Marking Tape £4.75
Q4521 Grip Tape- Black and Yellow (5cmx18.3m)   £36.50
Q4525 Line Marking Paint - Black (750ml x 6) Cobaline Marking Spray 750ml Black (pack of 6) £7.50
Q4526 Line Marking Paint - Yellow (750ml x 6) Cobaline Marking Spray 750ml Yell (pack of 6) £7.50
Q4527 Line Marking Paint - White (750ml x 6) Cobaline Marking Spray 750ml White (pack of 6) £7.50
Q4523 Hand Held Pain Applicator - Cobaline Hand Held Applicator £24.50
Q4524 Four Wheel Paint Applicator - Cobaline 4 Wheel Applicator £145.00
Q4508BK Anti Slip Tape- Black (2.5cm x 18.3m) £12.95
Q4510BK Anti Slip Tape- Black (5cm x 18.3m) £28.95
Q4509BK Anti-Slip Tape- Black (15cm x 18.3m) £73.50
Q4507BK Anti-Slip Standard Cleat- Black (61x15cm) £3.95
Q4522PL Luminous Tape 5cm x 18.3m £72.50
Q4505L1 Primer Tin 1 Litre £23.50
Q4506TB Edge Fix Tube 140ml £16.50
T1002RD Retractable Wall Mount Barrier Red £115.00
T1002BL Retractable Wall Mount Barrier Blue £115.00
T1002BK Retractable Wall Mount Barrier Black £115.00
T0106RD Post & Chain - Red & White Set £84.95
T0106BK Post & Chain - Black & Yellow Set £84.95
T2150PR Pair of Rubber Speed Bumps- 5x50cm  £39.95
T2150YL Pair of rounded ends yellow- 5x18.5cm £18.95
T2150BK Pair of rounded ends black- 5x18.5cm  £18.95
T2100CF Bolts, Pair for concrete Fixing £6.95
T2100AF Bolts, Pair for Asphalt Fixing £6.95
T1102RD Black Post Red Belt £159.95
T1102BL Black Post Blue Belt £159.95
T1102BK Black Post Black Belt £159.95
T1112RD Chrome Post Red Belt £169.95
T1112BL Chrome Post Blue Belt £169.95
T1112BK Chrome Post Black Belt  £169.95
TRA0001 Workgate Barrier System 3 gated system red panels reflective top £84.95
TRA0002 Workgate Barrier System 4 gated system red panels reflective top £119.95
TRA0003 Base to suit workgate systems £7.95
KC036AL Key Management Key Box 36 £92.06
KC048AL Key Management Key Box 48 £102.60
KC072AL Key Management Key Box 72 £125.00
KC036CD Key Box Code 36 £114.46
KC072CD Key Box Code 72 £152.20
KCF02AT Key Clips £5.25
F8195BK Industrial Waste Containers Black £42.95
F8195BL Industrial Waste Containers Blue £42.95
F8195GN Industrial Waste Containers Green £42.95
F8195GY Industrial Waste Containers Grey £42.95
F8195YL Industrial Waste Containers Yellow £42.95
F8195RD Industrial Waste Containers Red £42.95
F8280HN 80 Litre Refuse Bin with Lid & clip Handle £24.95
Q2581 Bin Liners (1000) £19.50
F820 Pedal Waste Bin (12l) £34.95
F843 Pedal Waste Bin (30l) £62.50
KC001 Key Cabinet, 20 Key Capacity, numbered, Grey £22.50
KC002 Key Cabinet, 40 Key Capacity, numbered, Grey £25.95
KC003 Key Cabinet, 60 Key Capacity, numbered Grey £29.95
KC004 Key Cabinet, 100 Key Capacity, numbered Grey £34.95
KCF01 Key Cabinet Fobs Asst Colours, Plastic £7.95
CB001 Cash Box, Black £12.95
K548 Security Locker £74.95
K547 PPE Metal Locker - Double Doors £74.95
KEY4 Spare Key £2.95
F906 Yellow Cabinet, Sml £175.00
F905 Yellow Cabinet, Med £259.50
F904 Yellow Cabinet, Lrg £375.00
F903 Grey Cabinet, Sml £195.00
F902 Grey Cabinet, Med £285.00
F901 Grey Cabinet, Lrg £410.00
Q2261 Wall Thermometer - Factory Regs £4.99
Q2273 Max/Min Electric Thermometer £22.95