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Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Supplies

Catalogues are available to regular customers but if you do have an enquiry about any items just contact us and we will promptly send you pictures and/or descriptions via email..…contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EX0001 Fire Extinguisher Powder 9kg £57.50
EX0002 Fire Extinguisher Powder 6kg £50.95
EX0003 Fire Extinguisher Powder 4kg £47.50
EX0004 Fire Extinguisher Powder 2kg £29.95
SN0144S Dry Powder Sign - Vinyl £2.31
SN0144R Dry Powder Sign - Rigid £4.06
EX0006 Fire Extinguisher Co2 5lt £112.95
EX0007 Fire Extinguisher Co2 2lt £49.95
SN0146S Co2 Sign - Vinyl £2.31
SN0146R Co2 Sign - Rigid £4.06
EX0008 Fire Extinguisher Foam 9lt £47.50
EX0009 Fire Extinguisher Foam 6lt £44.95
EX0010 Fire Extinguisher Foam 2lt £39.95
SN0145S Foam Sign - Vinyl £2.31
SN0145R Foam Sign - Rigid £4.06
EX0073 Fire Extinguisher Water 6lt £39.95
EX0011 Fire Extinguisher Water 9lt £43.95
SN0143S Water Sign - Vinyl £2.31
SN0143R Water Sign - Rigid £4.06
EX0060 Water Additive Extinguisher £54.95
EX0012 BC Powder 600g Extinguisher £14.50
EX0005 BC Powder 950g Fire Extinguisher £17.95
EX0074 Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 3KG £95.95
EX0036 Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher, 6KG £195.00
SN0357S 280X90 Wet chemical extinguisher £2.31
SN0357R 280X90 Wet chemical extinguisher £4.06
EX0015 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Water, 6 ltr £74.95
EX0016 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Water, 9 ltr £79.95
EX0017 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Foam, 6 ltr £79.95
EX0018 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Foam, 9 ltr £84.95
EX0075 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Powder, 6kg £99.60
EX0076 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Powder, 9kg £117.95
EX0077 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Co2, 2kg £85.75
EX0078 Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Co2, 5kg £170.50
EX0043 Anti-Theft Alarm £62.50
EX0033 Extinguisher Cover, Med £7.25
EX0034 Extinguisher Cover, Lrg £8.75
EX0039 Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, Single £62.95
EX0040 Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, Double £109.95
EX0022 Single Extinguisher Stand £24.50
EX0032 Double Extinguisher Stand £36.95
EX0049 Triple Extinguisher Stand £59.95
EX0065 Extinguisher J Bracket £0.65
EX0066 Extinguisher 2Kg Lug Bracket £0.85
EX0067 Extinguisher 5Kg Lug Bracket £1.00
EX0062 Extinguisher Trolley Double £89.95
EX0063 Extinguisher Trolley Double £99.95
EX0041 Single Stand Chrome £57.95
EX0042 Double Stand Chrome £87.95
Q2022 Fire Blanket, 1.2m x 1.2m £14.95
EX0037 Fire Blanket, 1.2m x 1.8m £21.95
EX0038 Fire Blanket, 1m x 1m £10.50
EX0048 Redlam Panic Bolt £42.50
EX0027 Plastic Fronted Keybox £5.95
EX0025 Fire Bucket  £11.50
EX0026 Fire Bucket Lid £4.25
EX0059 DoorGuard £149.99
EX0024 Rotary Hand Bell £34.95
EX0056 Carbon Monoxide Alarm £49.95
EX0045 Exit Stopper Door Alarm £109.95
EX0057 Howler Alarm - Call point operated £99.95
EX0061 Howler Alarm Push on / Twist Off £119.95
EX0046 Micro Smoke Detector £9.95
EX0020 Smoke Detector Light £19.95
EX0055 Aerosol Smoke Detector £10.75
Q4496 Fire Proof Document Holder  £9.95
Q4497 Metal Document Cabinet  £69.95
EX0044 Fire Ladder, 4.5m £57.95
EX0030 Fire Ladder, 7.5m £82.95
Q2352 Life Hammer, Emergency Device £7.50
Q2044 Fire Safety Risk Assessment £17.50
Q3253FR Risk Assessment Folder Empty  £7.95
Q2864 Fire Marshall Guide, A5 £1.25
Q2864 Fire Marshall Guide, A5 £9.95
EX0051 Mini-Megaphone £42.50
EX0047 Megaphone £69.95
Q4127 Fire Safety Log Book £6.50
Q4493 Fire Safety Log Book Holder £14.95
EX0058 Gas Horn £14.50
Q2618 Perry Whistle £1.35
A616 Fire Safety Laminated poster £14.95
K549 Fire Marshal Cabinet £224.95
C908 Fire Safety Cabinet Empty £79.95
K303XSM Evolution Vehicle First Aid & Fire Extinguisher Kit BS8599 £44.50
EX0005 BC Powder 950g Fire Extinguisher £17.95
R3000SM First Aid Refill BS8599, Small £18.50
Q4016 Maglite Solitaire Torch Red £14.95
Q4019 Maglite Torch (2 X AA Cell) £18.95
Q4020 Maglite Torch Red(2 X D Cell) £28.95
K550 Fire Safety Kit £29.95
Q4494 Black Rubber Torch 2D £4.45
Q4502 Black Rubber Torch 2AA £3.25
Q2620 Snaplight Emergency Light £2.55
S3168 Enamel Badge Fire Marshall £2.95
S3168PK20 Fire Marshal Badge - Pack of 20  £37.50
Q2661 Fire Marshal Arm Band - Velcro Closure £4.75
Q2661PK20 Fire Marshal Arm Band - Pack of 20 £60.00
Q2660 Fire Warden Arm Band - Velcro Closure £4.75
Q2660PK20 Fire Warden Arm Band - Pack of 20 £60.00
Q2382 Armband Hi-Vis Fire Marshal £8.95
Q2383 Armband Hi-Vis, Fire Warden £8.95
Q4499 Hi-Vis Cap (Fire Warden) £22.95
Q4492 Hi-Vis Cap - Fire Marshal (homesaver) £22.95
Q4474 Lanyards - Fire Marshal £2.20
Q4475 Lanyards - Fire Warden £2.20
S4019 Fire Warden Sign - Alert sign £28.95
K525 Fire Marshall Kit £104.95
Q4230 Fire Warden Hi-Viz Waistcoat S/M £8.75
Q4231 Fire Warden Hi-Viz Waistcoat L/XL £8.75
Q4233 Fire Warden Hi-Viz Waistcoat XXL/XXXL £8.75
Q4238 Fire Warden Hi-Viz Waistcoats White on Red - Large £10.95
Q4224 Fire Mar. High Viz Waistcoat S/M £8.75
Q4221 Fire Mar. High Viz Waistcoat L/ XL £8.75
Q4211 Fire Mar,High Viz Waistcoat xxL / xxxL £8.75
Q4235 Fire Marshal Hi-Viz WaistcoatsWhite on Red - Large £10.95
F37DVD Fire Risk Assessment At Work DVD £109.50
F28DVD The Role Of The Fire Warden DVD £109.50
F33DVD Extinguishing Fires At Work DVD £109.50
F41DVD Fire Safety in Order DVD £109.50
F43DVD Fire Safety In Hotels DVD £109.50
F42DVD Fire Safety In Care Homes(Residential) DVD £109.50
F45DVD Fire Safety In Schools DVD £109.50