Welcome to the Teach in the UK page!  Before ever specialising in Safeguarding and Health & Safety in schools, we were finding jobs for overseas trained teachers….it seems so long ago now!  We introduced our Teach in the UK guide because teachers needed honest and impartial information. You will receive exactly that…unbiassed advice and information, based on 16 years of us working with overseas trained teachers in the UK. It has become a passion for us and we are delighted with the feedback, we hope you find it useful too!


The ultimate guide for overseas trained teachers, qualified in another country, who want to teach in the UK. 

Updated for 2021 – available as an e-Book

Chapter 1 – Introduction – the shortage of teachers – amazing opportunities

Chapter 2 – The job market and life in a UK school

Chapter 3 – Getting to the UK, process & documentation

Chapter 4 – Understanding the UK curriculum

Chapter 5 – The trade secrets behind getting a job and what UK schools are looking for

Chapter 6 – Create a winning CV

Chapter 7 – Applying for jobs and understanding how agencies work

Chapter 8 – Typical case-studies, the road to employment

Chapter 9 – Achieving UK Qualified Teacher Status

Chapter 10 – Links for other suggested research

Chapter 11 – Summary / further thoughts for a positive outcome

Updated for 2021 – now available via e-Book. An essential guide to finding work in the UK with step by step information covering all aspects of the process. We have been finding work for internationally trained teachers for more than 16 years and have condensed all of the information that you will need, no matter where you are from, into one concise e-Book.

Testimonials & Reviews:

It is 16 years ago that the guys from Teach in the UK first worked with internationally trained teachers in a recruitment agency. Treating each as an individual, we helped teachers from around the world find a route into teaching in the UK. Here is some of the feedback:

“I honestly didn’t think it would be possible but you believed and gave me a path to follow!” GB, Secondary Maths Teacher from India

“I finally had a plan after reading this, thank you!” AD, Sweden

“Very good content, I haven’t moved to the UK yet but it explains the UK school system and curriculum very clearly ” RS, USA

“I followed the guidance 10 years ago and it certainly works. I have been Head of Department in a London secondary school for the past 2 years” ED, Albania

“Clear and useful information on steps required for EU and non-EU citizens” GP, South Africa

“The road to employment showed me how to move from being an unqualified teacher to gaining QTS” CS, Turkey

“Fantastic guidance, covered every step, I would have run out of time to obtain my QTS without the guidance” KM, Ghana

Following the UK exit from the European Union there were several changes around UK laws regarding immigration and employment. The guide is being updated to reflect those changes. You can pre-order below and be contacted when the updated version is available, expected to be June 2021.