Outstanding safeguarding in British international schools

Become a confident designated safeguarding lead and a highly effective advocate for your pupils

Advanced training for designated safeguarding leads in schools (old Level 3)

To save you time, this course is offered either weekly online live by Zoom or face to face

This course is in line with:

How will this safeguarding training help me to become more a confident designated safeguarding lead (DSL)?

        • Explore how DSLs fulfil their role in different settings
        • Learn how to use your country’s child protection laws to make referrals
        • Share insider tips from safeguarding professionals to build networks that protect children
        • How to use learning from serious case reviews to better protect children
        • Learn from the advice of a wide range of current professionals on effective multi-agency working
        • Share good practice resources that DSLs can use day to day
        • Hear how other DSLs tackle safeguarding issues
        • Constantly updated and current materials
        • Ensure your organisation is compliant with the requirements of the Independent Inspectorate and British Council

The Syllabus:

    • Roles and responsibilities of DSL
    • Carrying out the role of DSL:
    • Managing referrals
    • Multi-agency working
    • Reporting & information sharing
    • Handling disclosures
    • Key risks to children, including radicalisation, peer-on-peer abuse and exploitation


  • Training & awareness raising
  • Sharing good practice resources
  • Your country’s child protection laws and who you can turn to for help
  • Policies & procedures
  • Managing allegations
  • Safe recruitment
  • Staff code of conduct and safer working practice
  • Action planning/ next steps

Prefer bespoke training for your international school or college?

Intermediate and advanced level training

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0208 355 6834


“High-quality training and very impressed that they had taken time to research our local environment to tailor the information accordingly” – Headteacher, Cairo

“The Safeguarding for Parents session was very well received, to the extent that news had spread amongst parents and the second session they delivered was oversubscribed…excellent in helping to engage parents” – Deputy Head, Cairo

“Have to say Michael and Mark make a great team, covering all the bases” – Assistant Head Teacher

“The Health & Safety walk around helped confirm many of the things we were questioning” – Deputy Head, El Gouna

Frequently asked questions

How long does the training last?

It is a one day course, 6 hours in total.

Is the course certified?

Yes, it is CPD certified and recognised as official Designated Safeguarding Lead training.

Is this training for new or experienced Designated Safeguarding Leads?

This training is for all safeguarding leads and their deputies. The activities in the training are designed to help everyone reflect on their work. Many DSLs have retaken the training after 2 year due to its high value and practical content.

Does the course cover child or adult safeguarding?

The trainer tailors the course to the clients, which means it covers child protection and safeguarding in depth. Resources and activities are tailored to international schools and the laws and agencies in your country (if they exist).

Does the training cover new changes to safeguarding guidance and legislation?

The courses are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure the content is absolutely current. This is done monthly. In addition, the trainer shares lots of useful resources that can be used to implement safeguarding approaches in your international school.

How interactive is the course?

The course is very interactive. Activities have been designed to provide opportunities to consider how you would deliver key elements of the DSL role in your school. There are lots of opportunities to ask questions and share scenarios.

Can you offer face to face training in our organisation?

Yes, we offer bespoke face to face training in your organisation. Just contact us to let us know what you need.


About the trainer

Michael Hawkins is currently the school improvement lead for a large London local authority with responsibility for 100 schools and settings from Early Years to Post-16. He leads on education safeguarding for the local authority and works alongside professionals in education, health, child and adult social care and other agencies. This current and practical experience is reflected in the materials, activities and discussions in his safeguarding training. He has worked in education for over 30 years, in a range of London schools, for Local Authorities and in national roles. He has also worked internationally with schools and governments on safeguarding and school improvement.