The Extra Mile
This is a bespoke half-day Customer-Service course that we feel far-surpasses those available from accredited awarding bodies. Whether looking for managers to drive service standards or to give all staff a better awareness of requirements, this course can be highly effective and is not limited solely to traditional customer service environments.

Rather than just produce a ‘standards of service framework’ for businesses we adopt a psychological approach in helping businesses create a lasting culture of customer service and standards.

Anything is possible but a typical course might consist of:


Consequences when it goes wrong & the root causes 

Differing perceptions of staff and customers

Basic requirements and expectations 

Exceeding expectations

Resolving conflict

Understanding differing personalities and needs



Responsibilities to your business / Ethics

The course involves group and individual work and goes as far as creating a person specification for a job, developing a sense of agreement in the type of person our staff should be and the type of service they should provide whilst in your employment.

A detailed report on the attendees and their contribution is provided.  Apart from the obvious increased awareness of customer service issues, common feedback on this course remarks on the increased warmth and confidence of staff and on them taking more ownership in what they do.

Every business is different so feel free to contact us for an informal conversation on how our Customer Service workshops could benefit your organisation.

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