all training matters is run by Mark Coates. He has 20 years’ experience in all aspects of the hospitality industry both in the UK and the USA.

Mark is an accomplished General Manager who has worked up to Operations Manager level as a consultant. He worked for Pizza Hut and Mongolian Barbeque UK before taking his skills to the USA for 7 years to help Mongolian Barbeque US implement their expansion programme.

After a hugely successful operations career Mark focused specifically on his strengths and what he enjoys, Training & Development & management solutions. He has also worked for Holiday Inn (U.S), The Palm Restaurant Group (New York), Austin Grill (U.S) and Henley Regatta, to name a few. 

all training matters was born from both a passion for training & development and a disillusionment with the trainers previously employed.  Most seemed so mediocre, even boring, one-dimensional and disconnected.…there had to be an opportunity here for someone to give it a bit of umph and passion! From an initial offering of Food Safety, Management Development and Customer Service courses the business has gradually grown to include First Aid and several areas of Health & Safety.  This list is continually expanding as a loyal customer base requests other courses.

The last few years have been very pleasing as the business grows, retains customers and makes friends. It would be fair to say that Mark’s commitment to customer service and the delivering of training that is both relevant and enjoyable has been the cornerstone of our success.