It Filters Down!

It Filters Down is a simple concept which we were using long before the late, great Steve Jobs introduced it to describe the management hierarchy at his Apple organisation.

Produced to meet the exact requirements of your business, this is a one-day workshop and is equally effective for restaurants, hotels, schools, office-based businesses………in fact anywhere where there is a management team in place.

The underlying focus in on driving the business by understanding the impact of our actions and communications with staff, customers, colleagues and superiors alike, reinforcing the statement “It Filters Down.

A recent example is shown below, where after consulting with a restaurant chain we agreed on developing a course that addressed the following areas:

Training, Team Building and Motivation

Customer Service and Marketing

Hiring / Recruitment

Organisation and Planning

Finances / Profitability

Professional Development and Values

This was interlinked with modules on What Makes a LeaderEmotional Intelligence and Understanding Personality & Behavioural Traits.  Attendees contributed their thoughts in group work and mini-presentations and concluded with a SWOT Analysis on their business.

A detailed report on the attendees and their contribution was provided to the MD of the company.  Feedback from the MD was that managers really enjoyed the course, wanted more, look at challenges differently now, are more proactive than reactive and have a greater understanding of their role in the company. Crucially it was noted that we had really managed to establish the genuine thoughts and mood of their workforce in a manner that no internal exercise could have…. candid thoughts (not necessarily negative) that can be acted upon.

Every business is different so feel free to contact us for an informal conversation on how our Management Development workshops could benefit your organisation.

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