Mark Coates – Trainer & Director

Mark delivers our Food Safety courses, along with Health & Safety, Manual Handling, Management Development & Customer Service workshops, Conflict Resolution and COSHH. Mark also runs our online shop.

Mark W – First Aid Specialist

“The other Mark” (just as capable as Mark 1) takes care of all our First Aid provision.  Whether working with schools, adults, kids or specialised environments, Mark is a fountain of knowledge.  Delivering a range of courses for 1-day, 3-day or Paediatric qualifications, the outcome is always excellent.  People enjoy his courses, his enthusiasm and his non-patronising style. Mark also runs the online shop.

Matt – Fire Safety and Health & Safety

Our Fire and Health & Safety expert.  Matt is also contracted out to one of the major supermarket chains and travels the UK assessing their Fire and H&S provision, designing and implementing training programmes to suit accordingly.  Like Mark, Matt adjusts his style to suit the audience and his courses are always well received.

Entela – Senior Admin.

The one who remains calm when all the rest of us are flapping around!  Entela makes sure we are where we should be, training in what we should be, wearing what we should be……. and eating what we should be as Entela is also our diet and nutrition specialist!

Michael Hawkins – Training Strategies Manager

Michael has 20 years experience in Education, both as a Senior Manager in London secondary schools and as a National Strategies Manager for the former Department for Children, Families and Schools.  Michael gets involved when we are looking at specialised provision for schools and importantly when we are ensuring our courses comply with the Qualifications & Credit Framework.